Isleworth Explorers Club has many activity areas for the children and greater community to use and enjoy.

Isleworth Explorers Club

The club itself is over forty years old, and has served two to three generations in the local community. The club can be found next door to Redlees Park, and Isleworth Swimming Pool, Isleworth.

Entrance Hall

This is the first area that you will see when you enter the building. The entrance hall is used to welcome visitors into the club,?and where you are signed into the register?for the Explorers Club that takes place on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.?Some of the sessions?have waiting lists; please contact us for more information.

Main Hall

The hall is the biggest area in the club. As you can see from the photo we have the bouncy castle out for our members to enjoy. The castle comes out once a month, but we have other activities that we implement on a rota basis. These include:- Trampolining, hockey, football, basketball, dance, assault courses, trampette, bowls, air rifle shooting, cricket and many other indoor games.


All of our members are free to come into this area when they need a break from all of the activities. We sell a selection of tuck for the children to choose from, and an area for them to relax with their friends. At Isleworth Explorers Club we recommend that the children pay in their tuck money at the beginning of the session to safeguard their money and to allow them to enjoy their time here.


The gym is a popular area with all of the children who come to Explorers. We have two running machines, a rowing machine, a stationary cycle, free weights and a multi gym for the children to use. We always have a trained fitness instructor to teach the members how to use the equipment correctly.

Pool, Snooker and Darts

We have a full size snooker table and English Pool table ready for the children to use. This area is well used, and is staffed by pool fanatics who love to teach the next generation of players the rules, and tournaments are fairly common. Within this area we also have a darts board that helps the children with their aim and Maths.

Outdoor 5-a-side Astro Turf Football Pitch

This is a favourite area for our footballers. The pitch is caged on all four sides with the ceiling is covered in a net to keep the ball in play at all times. The pitch is made of Astro turf which is a false grass/soft rubber compound that allows for fast and exciting football. We have two clubs that use this facility during the week. This area is available for hiring in the evening, and for parties. Please contact the club for more information.


In the upstairs of the Club we have our very own dojo. This area is used for all aspects of Martial Arts, and the floors and walls are made of a strong yet absorbing sponge material that the children love! This area?can also be hired out for private children's parties. Please contact the Club for more information.?

Computer/Game Room

Also upstairs we have the TV/Computer Room.? In here we have 8 PCs and 4 laptops, all with internet access. We also have various computer consoles including a Nintendo Wii, PS2, PS3 and an Xbox 360, and many games to choose from including the latest Fifa! On our large flat screen TV you can choose a film to watch on our Blu-Ray DVD player or watch something on Sky+. Amongst this we organise various arts and craft activities for the children to participate in.

We hope you now have an idea of what is on offer here at Isleworth Explorers Club.?If you?require any more information please contact the Club immediately, and we will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.